Weekend Trip: Netarts


Netarts is the perfect weekend getaway from Portland. An 80-minute drive gets you to the Tillamook Cheese Factory where you can sample cheese, cheese curds, get a Tillamook ice cream cone, sample more cheese curds and then realize you’ve just eaten cheese curds and ice cream for lunch. It’s fine – you’re on vacation!

Then drive the 6 miles out to cozy, little Netarts. If you plan ahead, it’s not hard to find accommodations at places like the Edgewater Motel or any of the various rental homes. Just make sure your place has a window for prime sunset viewing. Traipse down to the beach, dig for clams if you have the tools, or watch the seagulls go nuts gliding in the wind gusts.

Netarts is a few miles from Oceanside and a 30-ish minute beach jog can take you from one to the other if you have it in you to hop over some beach streamlets. Or make the 10 minute drive north to Cape Meares and check out the lighthouse, the Octopus Tree, or make the muddy hike down to the hidden beach with spectacular views.

Sunset is the best time in Netarts. Grab a bite and watch on the deck of the Schooner or better yet, do Happy Hour at your own rental and watch the crazy sky over the mighty Pacific while sipping a whiskey and munching on some cheese curds!





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