PDX Thai Talk

Just ate at Mai Thai on Belmont this weekend for the first time. It was delicious. Orange-infused water and the nicest server in town greeted us. Plus a handmade menu with photos of the food! It was a treat to get Pad Woon Sen (pictured) since not all Thai restaurants have it. The server said it’s more of a northern Thai dish and some of the spots around Portland do southern Thai. It got me thinking about my favorite Thai dishes in PDX. Here are a few:

  • Both the Pad See Ew and House Special Curry from Pad Thai Kitchen on Belmont. Order takeout for portions twice the size!
  • Thanh Thao Delight from Thanh Thao on Hawthorne. It’s more of a Thai-Vietnamese combo but this tofu-veggie-yellow curry blend over brown rice is the best comfort food.
  • PaaDee’s wings. I know Pok Pok’s wings have spawned a cult following but these are just as tasty at a fraction of the price!
  • The Pad Woon Sen I just had from Mai Thai. It was that good.

What is your ultimate Portland Thai dish?




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