Where to watch the game(s!)…

The Stanley Cup starts Monday evening. The NBA Championship series will start soon after. Seasoned sports fans may already have their go-to spots for viewing but for those who START watching hockey and basketball at this time of year, here are some places I like:

West Side:

Fields Bar & Grill – Located in the Pearl District, it’s got lots of TVs and great happy hour food that includes avocado fries.

Yur’s – Famously stiff drinks and affordable. Kinda dive-y in that Old Portland charming way. Big. Comfortable.

East Side:

Belmont Inn – Friendliest staff in town, cheap drinks all the time, a delicious vegan burger, multiple varieties of fries, and pool tables for halftime.

Blitz Ladd- Huge space with lots of HD TVs and they’re very accommodating for large parties.

Bucket Brigade – Dive-y and fun with the coldest beer in town.

Reverend’s BBQ – (Pictured) – Great if you want BBQ with a side of sports. This spot is a great addition to Sellwood and the Sazerac (cocktail) is not to be missed!



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