Hit the River!

This upcoming 100-degree weekend means the Sandy and Clackamas Rivers will be packed. If you have plans to float I propose a tube alternative: The inflatable kayak.

I have a 2-person Sevylor inflatable kayak that’s now lasted over 4 years. A big perk of it is that, using an oar, it’s much faster and easier to navigate than a tube. There are some surprisingly large rapids that can sneak up on the Clackamas River and the oar makes things feel a little safer. Plus you only need one oar and the passenger in front can sit and chill and manage snack-distribution.

The other big plus of being on a little boat versus a tube is body temperature control. On the shore in 103-degrees it might feel impossible to get cold but after a few hours in the icy water, teeth chattering can set in. Especially when kids are tagging along, it’s nice to have an option to let them get warm!

Remember your life jacket and stay cool!


Photo courtesy of sportsmansguide.com


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